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We build your business.

Dima Aglo, is a company specialising in the manufacture of construction products based on cement, gravel and sands well studied. Our job is to manufacture ready to use concrete industrially and deliver them with the appropriate equipment to our customers’ sites.

The company, was founded by Mr Aslimani in 1993, and constitutes the largest company of the Aslimani Group known in the field of the manufacture of construction products. It is located on the National road connecting the city of Nador and Driouach, or 30 kilometers from the city of Nador.

We are a guiding tool.

The construction sector is an important issue for the country’s economy. Dima Aglo contributes to this by producing and marketing products essential for construction as well as for land use planning and improvement of the living environment.


Manufacturing Construction Products.

Before and After

In order to be at the forefront of companies specialising in the manufacture of construction products, and to meet the requirements of national and international standards, DIMA AGLO has:


From concept to creation

Established, documented and implemented a Quality Management System that it continuously improves for maximum efficiency.


Construstion you can count on

ISO 9001 certified since 2018.


Masters of consistency and quality

Several of our products are certified according to Moroccan standards.


Setting the standard of quality

We have a well-equipped in-house laboratory.

Our Company

The growing development of the company Dima Aglo, comes on the one hand to the ambitions of its manager who never ceases to deploy all his material and intellectual efforts in order to offer a high quality product that meets all customer requirements, to develop the quality of its products, and to constantly improve the performance of its productions, on the other hand to the geographical location of the quarries from which the raw material is extracted, which offers a natural resource of very good quality reflected on the quality of the company’s products such as nozzles, joists, aglos and slabs which are of such strength and impermeability as good quality demands.

Certificat ISO 9001 En 2015

The growing development of the company Dima Aglo,